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im5darling: Thank you so much it is just perfect!

Aww thanks I’m so happy you like it :)

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Here is your fan sign im5darling 
I saw that you had you as your profile picture so I had to draw you in the sign (I hope I didn’t do a bad job) 

If anyone wants a fan sign just like/reblog this or send me a message :) 
im5darling: Hey I was wondering if you could make me a fan sign? They are flipping amazing

Aww thank you so much
Ya sure I’ll get right on it :D


So for those who didn’t know I am currently in Summer school (no I didn’t fail I’m taking English for grade 11 so I don’t have to take it in September, something about “fast tracking high school”
Anyway my exams on Friday and the last day is on Monday so sorry for the lack of drawing you can blame all those essays and projects

Once school is done I should be able to draw so if you want to request you can just message me and I’ll get to it once I’m done school


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So here’s a fan sign for its-danassnapback 
She didn’t request it a lovely anon said you were having a bit of a hard time and wanted to do something about it. 
I also wanna say that if anyone is having a hard time feel free to message me I’ve been through hard times before and maybe I can help
Anyways, Kylie I hope you like it!! 
thefallouthasbegun-deactivated2: you still makin' fansigns??

Yes I am

xxthesentimentalfangirlxx: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE FAN SIGN! It looks a-mazing~! Just wanted to say keep up the good work and stay forever awesome! XOXOXO

Aww thanks girl :*

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Here is the fan sign for xxthesentimentalfangirlxx She is an awesome person She has been so supportive of me by like and reblogging my post and she follows all 3 of my blogs. So everyone should check her out!
Anyway if you want a fan sign I will be gladly to do it so either like, reblog or message me x
missinglittlee: Thank you so much , I love the fan sign and I love your blog! :D💕

Aww thanks so much that means the world to me <3 

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This is the fan sign for missinglittlee I was inspire by the Arizona can you had as your header I hope you like it :D 
If anyone wants a fan sign you can either like and reblog this post or message me here