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Being normal
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And it’s flights to LA

-Jack and Jack
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You’re just a little bit out of my limit 
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Because I’m Happy
Anonymous: Hey, im just an average 14 year old girl an i think that you are amazing like, wow, just amazing, I fail everytime I try this but you are amazing. will you be my best friend? aha xxxx

Aww thanks you’ll probably just as awesome
Ya we can be best friends!!

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No more counting dollars we’ll be counting stars 
- One Republic
When you’re fighting mental illness like you are, you’re fighting a silent battle. No one sees just how hard you’re constantly having to fight. No one else knows the pain and the inner turmoil like you do. You should be proud of yourself, even when you feel like you’re failing. I think anyone fighting a mental illness deserves a Medal of Honor, because that fight is real and its more difficult than most people realize.

-Debbie, the anxiety group therapist at valley (via wayward-fay)


(via hannahscupofcare)


Dance montage.


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Tattooed Heart
-Ariana Grande
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Sorry I haven’t posted a new drawing will up very soon! Until then enjoy this picture I drew in the summer :)